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[Picture]The Rockin' Hollywoods, circa 1989, celebrate 40 years in the cover business.

(Still) Rockin' Hollywoods

While two other beloved Twin Cities cover bands have been tarnished recently by infighting and ownership lawsuits (the White Sidewalls and Boogie Wonderland), it's nice to see the Rockin' Hollywoods still celebrating and having a good time while singing "Celebration" and "Good Times". The band marks its 40th year in business with shows Friday at the Withrow Ballroom in Hugo and Saturday at the Medina Entertainment Center. It's actually a little premature for the anniversary - the original members started in 1971 and didn't really find their retro-rock way until 1973, after "American Graffiti" came out - but this weekend coincides with founder/frontman Steve (Rimshot) Ghizoni's 60th birthday. "The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak," Ghizoni cracked, noting that the band has cut back to 70 or 80 shows a year from 200 in its heyday. "I need time to recover from them now." He figures they've played about 7,000 gigs total, with plenty more to come. They've even updated their song list with 80's songs (rue the day "Smells Like Teen Spirit" makes the cut). Said Ghizoni, "I honestly love doing it as much now as I ever have."