The Rockin’ Hollywoods


1973 – 2007


April 28, 2007

Induction into the Minnesota Rock/Country Hall of Fame


Medina Ballroom, Hamel, MN


Our 6658 Gig!!!


1973: 163 Gigs


  • June 26: First gig at the Mermaid Lounge.
  • June 27: Crystal Mist-Mr. Nibs.
  • June 28: Cascade 9.
  • July 27 & 28: Backus Auditorium, International Falls.
  • August 19: First ballroom gig, New Munich.
  • August 31: Withrow Ballroom.
  • October 7 & 8: National Car Rental and Tilden Car Rental at Sheraton MT. Royal, Montreal Canada.


1974: 296 Gigs


  • February 20: WTCN TV’s “What’s New” with Warren Martin and Nancy Nelson.
  • March 16: WCCO TV’s “This Must Be the Place” with Bill Carlson.
  • May 18: Daddy Smooth walks out from the St. Francis High School Prom at the Anoka Holiday Inn; next night 5 piece band at the Bel Rae Ballroom.
  • April 10–12: Bosco, Rimshot and Willard go to Las Vegas to see how the stars do it.  We catch Jerry Vale, Bob Newhart, Charlie Callas,Rip Taylor, Leslie Uggams, McLean Stevenson, Glenn Campbell, Frank Gorshin, Lou Rawls, Debbie Reynolds, Rowan & Martin, Lido Show, and the Jackson 5!
  • September 13: Open for 3 Dog Night and Wolfman Jack at St. Paul Civic Center. (Cheater’s birthday)
  • October 25:  Tommy Teardrop’s first gig at the Withrow Ballroom.


1975: 303 Gigs


  • May 8 & 9: Northland Production’s 50’s Show with the Lone Ranger, Eddie Haskell, Casey Jones, at St. Cloud and Minneapolis Auditorium.
  • December:  J.J. Twilite joins the band.


1976: 275 Gigs


  • April 17: Open for Flash Cadillac in Rochester, MN.
  • September 17: Open for Tommy James and the Shondells at the New Munich Ballroom.


1977: 262 Gigs


  • March 2: Tommy Teardrop back in band.
  • March 17: Open for Flash Cadillac in Winsted, MN.
  • May 5: Street Dance for “Grease” Theatre Production, St. Paul Civic Center.
  • June 18: New Munich Ballroom with Johnny Holm.
  • July 20: Mist-Maid, farewell night for Carlos and Tommy.
  • August 11: Faribault Ballroom with Daisy Dillman.
  • October 20: Majestic Ballroom, first time.


1978: 242 Gigs


  • January 28: Stillwater Armory with Chameleon.
  • August 5: WCCO TV’s “This Must Be the Place,” performed: Dancin’ After School, Lucille, and Black Slacks.
  • August 9: Mist-Maid, Carlos’ last night.
  • September 1: Red Willow Resort with Johnny Holm in Binford, ND.
  • October 6: Mike Kryduba’s first night at the Princeton Ballroom.
  • November 12: Buddy Jr.’s last night at the Playland Ballroom, Kimball.


1979: 209 Gigs


  • July 9-12: Record first LP at Aleatoric Studios, Shoreview, MN with Tom Mrozinski.


1980: 210 Gigs


  • May 29: Open for Tommy James at Uncle Sam’s. He doesn’t show and we play full night.
  • June 1: WWTC Class Reunion #1 at Radisson South Hotel with the Whitesidewalls.
  • September 21: WWTC Class Reunion #2 at Radisson South Hotel with Whitesidewalls.


1981: 217 Gigs


  • January 11: Carlton Celebrity Room with Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash for Burnet Realty.
  • February 5: St. Paul Winter Carnival and KDWB Night at the Prom Ballroom.
  • February 11: Bosco pied at Maplewood Bowl.
  • February 15: Bosco’s last night at Majestic Ballroom.
  • February 18: Dave “Doc” Berget’s first night at the Maplewood Bowl.
  • March 3 &4: Skirvin Plaza Hotel, Oklahoma City.
  • June 7: Grand Old Day; first time at Gus Post’s Sinclair Gas Station – played between the pumps!
  • August 19: Twilite pied at the Maplewood Bowl.
  • August 23: Twilite’s last night at the Iron Horse in Crystal.
  • August 26: Rick “Riff Raff” Johnson’s first night at the Maplewood Bowl.
  • October 23: Salute to Rock n’ Roll at St. Paul Civic Center.  We back up the Shirelles and the Diamonds. Over ten thousand people attend!
  • October 25: Salute Show at Mecca Arena in Milwaukee. Poor turnout!


1982: 232 Gigs


  • January 1: Capacity crowd of over 1700 people at Majestic Ballroom.
  • August 28: First gig for Dave Cossetta at Levee Days, Italian Fest in St. Paul.


1983: 230 Gigs


  • February 3: Third annual KDWB Winter Carnival Night at the Prom with the Whitesidewalls.
  • June 22: Bel Rae Ballroom’s Fifties Fest with the WSW, Hitz, and Cleavettes.


1984: 221 Gigs


  • March 29: World’s Largest Workout Party at the Metrodome.  3000 women in spandex!
  • October 27: Open for Rick Nelson at Southtown Shopping Center’s 25th  Anniversary.


1985: 219 Gigs


  • February 2: Buddy Holly Tribute. We back-up Tommy Roe, Gary Lewis, and the Diamonds at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, IA.
  • May 18 & 19: Valley Fair Amusement Park.  The only time we ever play Valley Fair.
  • August 28: Open for Beach Boys, U of ND Fieldhouse, Grand Forks, ND.
  • September 27: Open for Gary Puckett at the Radisson University Hotel and WLTE Event.


1986: 223 Gigs


  • September 13: Open for Bo Didley at the Columbia Arena, Fridley.
  • November 29: Del-Win Ballroom, St. Joseph, MN. Over 1200 people attend, including Bobby Vee.


1987: 209 Gigs


  • April 23: Minnesota Music Award for Best Performing Act.
  • October 9-11: Twin Cities Marathon.
  • October 30: Target Store’s 25th Anniversary at Mpls. City Center.
  • December 10: Fine Line Music Café VIP Party and Grand Opening.


1988 Gigs: 192


  • April 19-21: Westwood Studios to record.
  • June 11 &12: Dallas Theatre Center with Neil Sedaka in Dallas,TX.
  • August 30: Cheater’s last night at the Minnesota State Fair.
  • September 16: Lauren “Swingin’ Larry” McArthur’s first night at the Medina Ballroom.


1989: 213 Gigs


  • April 22: International Mayor’s Ball, Loews Anatole Hotel in Dallas, TX.
  • April 29: Sing National Anthem at Canterbury Downs.
  • May 2: Sing National Anthem before MN Twins Game at Metrodome.
  • May 19: Back-up Peter Noone of Herman’s Hermits at Medina Ballroom.
  • October 12: Marshall Fields Department Store, special promotion, Chicago, IL.


1990: 213 Gigs


  • April 9-11, 16 & 17: Westwood Studios, record Danceland.
  • July 27: KSTP TV’s “Good Company” from Rosedale; 50’s show with Steve and Sharon, Bobby Vee, Fabian  and Dickie Lee.
  • August 14: Open for the Four Tops at the MN State Lottery Kick-off, Met Sports Center.
  • September 3: Open for the Beach Boys at Husetts Speedway, Sioux Falls, SD.


1991: 226 Gigs


  • February 17: US Skater’s General Mills Event at the IDS Crystal Court in Minneapolis.
  • July 6: Brainerd International Raceway with Bobby Vee.
  • July 22: International Special Olympics at U of MN with Irwin Jacobs and Roy Smalley.
  • August 3: Milwaukee, WI, for Norwest Banks.
  • August 14: Rapid City, SD, for Norwest Banks.
  • September 29: Cossetta’s 80th Anniversary at Expo Inn, St. Paul.
  • October 22: MN Twins World Series at the Metrodome.
  • October 29: MN Twins World Series Celebration at the Metrodome.



1992: 229 Gigs


  • January 25: Super Bowl Party at IDS Crystal Court, Mpls.
  • April 5: NCAA Basketball Party at Registry Hotel in Bloomington.
  • August 22: IBM Picnic with Molly and the Makers in Rochester, MN.
  • September 30: Lauren’s last night at the Maplewood Bowl.
  • October 2: Tom “Woody” Strohmyer’s first night at Hyatt Hotel, Mpls.


1993: 209 Gigs


  • April 10: Doni Campion’s last gig at the Bel Rae Ballroom.
  • October 2: Wedding in Albert Lea. Some guy named G.B. Leighton sings with band.


1994: 194 Gigs


  • May 7: Backup Dion at the Medina Ballroom.
  • June 25: Three gigs in one day!  Big Lake, Minnetonka, and Roseville.


1995: Gigs 182


  • April 24-28: Film Feeling Minnesota with Keanu Reeves and Cameron Diaz in St. Paul, MN.
  • July 8: Open for Grass Roots in St. Cloud, MN.


1996: 197 Gigs


  • February 28: Land O’ Lakes 75th Anniversary with Louise Mandrell at Mpls. Convention Center.
  • July 4: Country Club at Des Moines, IA.
  • July 8: FBI International Conference at Rice Park in St. Paul.
  • July 13: Open for Mamas and Papas in St. Cloud, MN.
  • September 29: Dave “Doc” Berget’s last gig at St. John’s Church Fest, Little Canada, MN.


1997: 177 Gigs


  • July 12: Open for Gary Puckett in St. Cloud, MN.
  • October 13: Steve “Flash” Wyss’ first full night at Povlitzki’s in Spring Lake Park, MN.
  • October 18: Rick “Riff Raff” Johnson’s last night at Kelly’s Tent Party in Centerville, MN.




1998: 168 Gigs


  • May 21-24: Royal River Casino in Flandreau, SD.


1999: 165 Gigs


  • February 6: St. Paul Winter Carnival, Vulcans’ Victory Dance at St. Paul Radisson Hotel.
  • February 15: PovlitzkisSpring Lake Park for the 350th time!
  • June 9: No Rimshot because of son, Paul’s graduation at street dance in Clarkfield, MN.
  • June 25: Liberty Savings Block Party with the Vees and Molly and the Makers in St. Cloud, MN.
  • June 26: Open for 3 Dog Night in St. Cloud, MN.
  • August 27 & 28: Minnesota Twins Plaza.


2000: 162 Gigs


  • February 21: Povlitzki’s, our 400th Monday!
  • November 17: Jade Foundation Fundraiser with Terri and Jesse Ventura at the Prom Center in Oakdale, MN.


2001: 131 Gigs


  • February 26: Garrbonzo’s last night at Povlitzki’s in Spring Lake Park, MN.
  • March 2: Doug “D.J.” James’ first night at Arlington High School, St. Paul for Woodland Hills Church.
  • May 21: Last gig at Povlitzki’s for the 458th time!
  • September 8: Three gigs in one day! Osceola, WI, Bloomington and Coon Rapids, MN.
  • September 13: MN Wild Hockey Game, Excel Energy Center in St. Paul, MN.
  • September 18: Keep the Twins Rally at Metrodome Parking Lot in Mpls. MN.


2002: 97 Gigs


  • February 2: St. Paul Winter Carnival, Vulcan’s Victory Dance at St. Paul Radisson Hotel.
  • June 22: St. Paul Saints Baseball Game at Municipal Stadium.
  • June 28: Liberty Street Dance with the Vees and Big Walter in St. Cloud, MN.
  • October 25: 30 Year Reunion with Bosco, Carlos, Tommy Teardrop, Riff Raff, J.J. Twilite, Doc, and Cheater Slick at the Withrow Ballroom.


2003: 88 Gigs


  • June 28: St. Cloud, MN, Whitney Park, with Edgar Winter, cancelled for severe weather!
  • June 28: Becker Community Center with the Castaways.


2004: 94 Gigs


  • January 24: St. Paul Winter Carnival, Ice Palace.
  • February 7: St. Paul Winter Carnival, Ice Palace.
  • April 3: Teddy Nierowicz’s last night at the Medina Ballroom.
  • April 16: Denny B. Sucik’s first night at the Golden Valley Country Club.
  • June 19: Open for Grassroots in St. Cloud, MN.
  • June 25: Liberty Street Dance with the Kentucky Headhunters in St. Cloud, MN.
  • June 26: Whitney Park, with High Noon and Lamont Cranston in St. Cloud, MN.


2005: 91 Gigs


  • June 24: Open for Edgar Winter at Westwood Park in St. Cloud, MN.
  • July 16: Sha-Sha Resort on Rainy Lake in International Falls, MN.
  • July 25: 50th birthday party for Tommy Teardrop Listul, Clarkfield, MN.
  • August 7: “Welcome Home the Troops” at VA Hospital in St. Cloud, MN.
  • December 10: Surprise 80th birthday party for Bunny Sielieni at Southview Country Club.


2006: 90 Gigs


  • January 20 & 21: Mancini’s Char House, St. Paul, MN.
  • June 23: Open for John Anderson at Westwood Park in St. Cloud, MN.
  • July 15: Boehlke Barn Dance, Waverly, MN.
  • August 6: Mancini’s 58th Anniversary, St. Paul, MN.
  • August 8: National Chevy Club Convention, Sheraton Hotel Bloomington, MN.


2007: 30 Gigs, so far!


  • April 28: The Rockin’ Hollywoods inducted into the Minnesota Rock/Country Hall of Fame at Medina Ballroom in Hamel, MN.